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Who We Are 

Mojo Solo creates authentic experiences that build the connection between you and your target audience. We discover, develop and deliver the most relevant creative solutions, each as unique as the challenge presented: brand storytelling, awareness campaigns, corporate initiatives, or corporate video production.

Our Core Principles

We’re guided by our Core Principles:

  • Do good work by developing creative, engaging solutions that help clients meet their goals.
  • Be easy to work with by working collaboratively with clients and partners, allowing them to participate in the creative process and pivoting as needed to meet their goals.
  • Charge a fair price by structuring our pricing around the value that our solutions bring to clients.

Our Key Outcomes

We measure our success against three key outcomes that are highly aligned with our Core Principles:

  • Engage, to capture employees’ attention—and along with it, their hearts and minds.
  • Inform, to keep people aware, enlightened and empowered with knowledge.
  • Strengthen, to help build stronger communications, relationships, connections, brands and bottom lines.

How We Work

We enjoy the challenge of bringing smart, insightful thinking to the table. In fact, our clients depend on it.

First, we’ll work with you to assess your unique situation and identify the players, challenges and opportunities. Next, we seek to understand your needs and goals in the context of your world. Only then do we design a strategic solution and develop key tactics to achieve it. When we’re both happy with the plan, we deliver—and execute on the tactics that solve your problem. It’s a customer-focused approach that results in solutions that are as unique as your objectives.


At Mojo Solo, we strive to create elegant and engaging solutions for organizations with promotional and marketing needs.  We are able to produce material of the highest standard because of our hands-on approach throughout all steps of the process—from research, to writing, to execution, our employees’ involvement in all aspects of creation ensures that everyone is well-informed of the distinct vision encompassed within each product. This unique take on creative branding makes our product both efficient and effective.

Each project begins with an understanding of an organization’s need and finding the best strategy to creating an appropriate solution based on research and on-going communication throughout the creative process.  From those initial meetings and brainstorming sessions, we expand these discussions and begin to compile the most compelling and intelligent solutions for your particular need.  The best of these solutions will compromise the final concept that our own highly-skilled video producers will execute from start to finish.  Conceiving and producing a video or web solution entirely in-house results in a smarter, well-designed video product.

Throughout all of this, you can be sure that the most creative of minds in our design, interactive and video departments have put forth their best thoughts toward your product, in hopes of finding the best solution.  This is the same process that has led Mojo Solo to create provocative and insightful messages for all of our clients, from international corporations to local non-profits, and it will guide us to a successful product for your organization as well.


We enjoy the challenge of bringing smart, insightful thinking to the table. In fact, our clients depend on it. Mojo Solo’s process unites sound strategy with talented design and execution that can be broken down into four key phases.

We’ll work with you to assess your unique situation and identify the key players, challenges and opportunities.  With this approach, everyone involved knows where we are starting and where we 
want to go.

A critical next step in our process is that of discovery and exploration.  We seek to understand your needs and goals in the context of your world.  We survey key stakeholders and target audience members to get to the heart of the matter. We believe a critical component in developing an effective creative solution is a thorough understanding of the audience and relevant context of the challenge presented.

Design & Develop
Mojo Solo cannot build effective creative without first developing a great strategy. Leveraging the learnings from the discovery phase we craft a strategic approach and begin to design and develop tactical creative video or web solutions. We employ a customer-focused approach that produces a creative solution as unique as the challenge.

When our creative solutions are ready for production, we execute on the tactics that solve your problem.  And we don’t send them to a third party. We produce our ideas within earshot of where they were developed—within the brick walls of the Mojo Solo headquarters. By doing so, we keep the execution of the project 100% aligned with the original creative idea.


After more than 15 years of working in Corporate America, David developed Mojo Solo, a Minneapolis video production company. A new-breed, cutting-edge creative agency specializing in business-to-employee communication and engagement. His extensive experience, creativity and passion for his work has earned him the confidence of senior executives at U.S. Bank, Wells Fargo, Thomson Reuters, Cargill, 3M and Ecolab. He is a founding member of the Principal Peer Group, an organization of boutique creative agency leaders who collaborate to improve their businesses by sharing insights. His drive to push Mojo Solo and its clients to new levels in employee engagement has resulted in the agency’s solid and rapid growth over the past eleven years, and has earned him the trust and respect of his clients and peers.