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Turnstone, and Emergent Research were in need of an animated video to explain the coworking phenomenon. These new work spaces have been popping up everywhere. The number of people utilizing coworking spaces is growing, so this does not appear to be a passing trend. However, many still don't understand what coworking is all about.

In creating this animated video, we needed an engaging piece that was relatable across a broad target audience. We wanted the style to reflect the innovation behind the coworking movement. Our solution has a geeky, quirky, and likable feel. Authentic characters and scenario illustrations are brought to life through custom motion design. Working closely with our clients and their research on the subject, we wrote a script that speaks to virtually every viewer.

The video premiered at the 2012 SXSW, and now lives on Turnstone's YouTube channel, where it has received over 18,000 views. It has received a lot of recognition from across the globe, and is currently being translated into other languages.

Making this video was a lot of fun, especially because we are headquartered in a coworking space ourselves. It's an interesting transition from the typical office space and 9-5 work day. Many people seek a work-life balance that seems impossible to achieve. Coworking does something better, it integrates work and life, making for a less stressful, efficient work day.