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Expedition to Excellence

Nor-Son wanted to bring a human element to corporate video. Moving into 2013 with their theme, Expedition to Excellence, a video was needed to empower and engage their employees. The objective was to demonstrate how Nor-Son employees play a role in the Expedition to Excellence. To give them a sense of pride in the work they and Nor-Son does.

In order to tell an authentic story, we put Nor-Son employees front and center. We interviewed thirteen employees to get their side of the story. Finding out what they enjoy most working for Nor-Son, their experiences, failures and successes. What drives them and what a good day at work looks like. The interviews were conducted at Nor-Son's headquarters in Baxter, MN and at a job site in Onamia, MN. After the interviews, we filmed employees in action, doing what they do best.

We worked closely with Nor-Son to select the final content, telling the story of what Expedition to Excellence is all about. Several hours of footage was cut down to a four minute video, highlighting Nor-Son employees, the driving force behind Expedition to Excellence. The finished video sent a powerful message. Meeting the objective to empower and motivate, all while giving employees a sense of pride in Nor-Son's and their own accomplishments.