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U.S. Bank: All of US Live United

As part of U.S. Bank's community initiative, employees volunteer at a number of charities, many of them United Way affiliates. This year, U.S. Bank needed a storytelling video to help raise awareness among their employees.

Our challenge was to create a video demonstrating that volunteering is not difficult; that anyone is capable of helping their neighbor. The goal was to inspire a call to action, asking employees to volunteer or donate.

We wanted to leverage U.S. Bank’s internal social networking site, usbook, in order to continue the message even after the video ended. “What’s your status update?” shows people doing everyday tasks, posting non-descript status updates on usbook. We filmed U.S. Bank employees volunteering for a variety of charities. Showing them painting, playing, cooking; setting up the video to make the viewer think “So what, big deal, I paint and cook too.” With the main message unfolding at the end: all those tasks --painting a house, cooking breakfast, playing basketball-- are done every day by people like you. So go on and do what you do, but do it as a volunteer. Rounding out the storytelling video, we incorporated U.S. Bank's CEO summarizing the company's community outreach goals.