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The Retreat

The Retreat is a treatment facility located in Wayzata, MN, offering a variety of options for those seeking to heal and recover from alcohol addiction. Each year, The Retreat puts on a celebration, congratulating those who have completed the program, and encouraging those still on the road to recovery. A video is used to kick off the event, and in 2009, The Retreat was looking for a more engaging video storytelling approach.

Welcome Home

Life Is Back

Mojo Solo accepted the challenge to create a video that can raise awareness for The Retreat in a touching, heartfelt way. With participation from program members and their families, we capture the human element that tells the story of their journeys. The video is a powerful testimonial to the positive results that can be achieved with the help of The Retreat. By filming real families, the audience can relate to struggles and celebrate victories as one community, which is what The Retreat is all about.

Video storytelling is an impactful way to capture the audiences' attention in order to deliver a powerful message. Because the story is told by peers, the message is honest and authoritative. Mojo Solo has produced several videos for The Retreat using this approach.