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Elite Partner Series

Thomson Reuters Elite needed quarterly videos that highlight their corporate partners. They looked to us to create compelling pieces that can be packaged as a series. The goal was to showcase how corporate partners benefit from the value-adding products and services offered by Elite. They provided us with one piece of instruction: no talking heads. With that, we knew that our video storytelling approach would give Elite the solution they were looking for.

In order to tell an authentic story, we wanted Elite's corporate partners to describe their experiences in their own words. There were no scripts or TelePrompTers. Instead, we asked Elite to provide a list of questions. We used those questions and filmed interviews with their partners. This allowed us to capture their natural responses. Then, along with b roll, we pieced the stories together. The videos were styled in black and white, aside from the orange brand logo, prompting the audience to recognize them as a series.

We filmed the corporate partners in Maryland and Minnesota, creating a total of four videos. In addition to the Elite Partner Series, we used video storytelling to create Elite's User Conference video. The combination of videos is being used to promote Elite's products to current and future partners.