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Tami’s Adventure

U.S. Bank wanted a new approach to inform consumers about online and personal security. Instead of another informative video, listing bullet points and touting worst case scenarios, they were searching for a new way to convey the message; using funny viral videos.

Tami May Ingles, or TMI for short, was born during our concept and development phase. A lovable, but absolutely clueless character, Tami takes us on her blind date, and then to a psychic. In the first two videos, we discover Tami is a habitual "over-sharer." On her blind date, she spouts off answers to typical online security questions. Later, she tells a psychic about her upcoming [mis]fortune. Via Tami's mistakes, the audience learns what personal information not to give out online. In the final two videos, Tami, having realized she needs a little help, attends an Oversharers Anonymous support group. This safe haven is a chance for Tami, and the audience, to understand that dangers of sharing personal information online, and learn how to take additional safety precautions.

The four viral videos we created for U.S. Bank were right on target, receiving a lot of positive feedback. The campaign was even recognized by American Banker, exclaiming "U.S. Bankcorp has a new star."

First Date

Tami Sees A Psychic

Oversharers Anonymous - Session One

Oversharers Anonymous - Session Two