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Thomson Reuters: Everyday Heroes

Thomson Reuters was in need of a web video to raise awareness for an annual contest. This contest celebrates a group of their customers, who use software to search public records. These customers are responsible for finding countless missing persons and preventing fraud. They are celebrated as heroes. However, finding a break in the case involves countless hours spent pouring over public records, and often times, their customers don't feel like heroes at all.

Our challenge was to create a web video that persuades customers to recognize themselves as the heroes they are and to submit their stories. We knew we had to demonstrate a positive, human element that gave customers something to relate or aspire to. "Everyday Hero, a click and a spark," was our approach. One seemingly average click-of-the-mouse that leads to the "Ah-ha" moment. The click that uncovers long sought after information, that results in a break through in the case.

We cast and filmed actors across the primary market segments - government, legal, and corporate. Showing them engage in every day activities. Focusing on the exact moment they realized they had a break in the case. The emotion they felt knowing they just found a missing child, caught a criminal, or helped move a case forward by one step. The video continued their story, showing who benefited from this breakthrough.