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Up before the rooster has even halfway oriented itself, David has already torn a hole in the creative universe. And his passion for what he does leaves the rest of thinking we probably have room for improvement. A storyteller at heart, he takes the seemingly mundane and somehow makes it magical. Some other things about David? He drinks milk with his donuts and his lunch. He’s ridden a Vespa through the streets of Spain while carrying a 50-pound backpack, holding a camera steady while filming and following an interviewee. And he has lunch with his wife almost daily. A truly selfless visionary with a gigantic heart, three kids and a healthy obsession with innovation, his mission is to nurture clients, inspire employees and leave the world better than he found it. We feel lucky to have him, even though he hates fruit on cakes.



If we tried to cram in every role Kira plays here, we’d either have to use type considerably smaller than that really, really tiny type they use for legalese or opt for that somewhat disorienting infinite scroll thing. So, we’ll try and be succinct. Sort of. In short, Kira is the heart, soul, eyes and ears of Mojo Solo. When she’s not functioning as head of client management, project management, change-culture-management, HR, growth strategist, budgeting, invoicing and snack restocking, Kira’s also writing, researching, casting, food styling, directing, producing, editing, cheerleading and basically functioning as the glue of the entire joint. A mother of a 2-year-old who’s much more interested in life than sleep, Kira appears to run on batteries. This is both entirely convenient and fitting for a sarcastic, selfless, Moldova-born, witty introvert who is obsessed and/or hellbent on finding wildly creative ways to solve problems, stopping at nothing shy of perfection. She is also a Libra which kind of explains everything.



Nick is a geek. Which is, of course, why we adore him. And his technical prowess makes him adept at practically all the things: storytelling, shooting, directing, producing, editing and even acting when no one’s looking. A master of cameras, audio, lighting, props and mics, Nick is responsible for bringing riveting content to life. But if you’re looking to shoot something on the surface of the moon for five dollars and want it on the air by next Wednesday, Nick will say no. Because in addition to his keen sense of timing and neurotic attention to detail, Nick is also a realist. Which means he keeps us in check. And holds us accountable. Which means Nick wins again. And again. And again. This makes us both like Nick and not like Nick at the same time. 



We love McKinzie’s last name because it’s a verb. While that may not have been the original
intent, we’re running with it. Because as far as we’re concerned, it is. As a Senior Graphics
Designer and Artist, McKinzie is constantly devising ways to turn the arguably humdrum into
eye-popping, captivating, engaging and awe-inspiring content that will make viewers feel like
they just went on a steamy first date with a kaleidoscope. She is a fountain of visual ideas,
fluent in visually amazing and will most likely rip this bio paragraph apart for being graphically
vapid, static and generally uninspiring. McKinzie’s favorite color is the rainbow.



Webster clearly defines a “beau” as a fashionable young man; a dandy. That pretty much nails
it. As Client Relations Manager, Beau is part Digital Media Generalist and part Automation and Workflow Developer. We intentionally gave him this nebulous title to hide the fact that he basically does everything. This includes 3D modeling, rendering and animation, along with a
bunch of other head-exploding talents in the digital developer realm. And his true superpower:
crushing the potential inefficiencies that come with video production and post production that
never happen on his watch.



Truth be told, when we were looking for a Mojo Solo Office Manager, the job description was loose, but we were secretly hoping we could find someone who had raised chickens, pigs, bunnies, dogs and cats, tapped maple trees for syrup (because why not), had an affinity for goats, dabbled in recreational dog mushing, had a passionate fling with beekeeping, became an accomplished fitness instructor (because that’s what you do after you have your wrists fused), fell in love with tattoos later in life and leisurely got in 10,000 steps before 9am. And looky here — that’s when we found Maggie.



Chris is a fearless Client Relations Manager, splitting his time between project
management, content creation and tearing a hole in the universe. As a project manager,
Chris’ primary role is to remind internal teams that while what they’re working on is not a
life and death errand, he still plans on treating it that way. He facilitates everything with a smile,
but also with a menacing twinkle that instills a healthy sense of fear and ensures timely
completion. As Content Creator and Strategist, Chris harnesses his lyrical gangsta
persuasion skills to pen creative concepts and project proposals that make clients wonder how
they have lived without him.



Annika is one of those rare, brainiac breeds you truly hope will magically rub off on you through osmosis or some other form of intelligence assimilation she’s likely to invent. Wise beyond her years, Annika has forced us to give her the nebulous title of Communications Specialist since that seems to gracefully encompass everything in the building. A recent graduate who spent time doing research in a forensics lab, Annika writes, researches, then writes some more as she seems to effortlessly take the complex and ambiguous and turn it into the eloquent and simple. This naturally makes us wonder if being a vegetarian, biking to work and forcefully nudging us to recycle everything in sight also has something to do with why she’s so awesome to have around.


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